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1991-12-30 14:04:23
    The new draft adds some new prose about
    "private" character set values, which must begin with "X-", and
    refers the reader to RFC-CHAR for a discussion of what other
    character sets there are and how to name them, i.e. as "X-foo"
    where "foo" is defined in RFC-CHAR.

I would like some more precise wordings.
If "X-foo" is used, does that mean that "foo" is the definition 
from RFC-CHAR (assuming there will ever be such a beast)?
Or can "foo" be the same as a RFC-CHAR charset name, and still
be meant to be private and different from the spec in RFC-CHAR?

I would say that if we have a RFC-CHAR then the names in there are not
private, and given that we should allow for private charsets, with a
"X-foo" naming, we should have another naming scheme for the charset
names in RFC-CHAR. I would recommend just using the names of RFC-CHAR,
although I clearly discourage the general use in email of any
charset not supported by RFC-MIME.


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