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Re: folklore etc.

1992-07-04 22:51:43
MRC(_at_)panda(_dot_)com (Mark Crispin) writes:
... how can you possibly deal with
      From: John T. Doe <jdoe(_at_)foo(_dot_)bar(_dot_)com>
which violates a similiar rule (which I also consider silly) in RFC-822?

I agree it looks like a silly rule, but it does actually have a good reason
behind it (though only Dave Crocker knows if it was the original reason):
if you allow unquoted periods, you've just changed the address syntax
complexity from LALR to LR(n) (i.e. you need multi-symbol lookahead capability
to parse properly).  It makes a big practical difference in implementation
complexity, especially if you want to give sensible error messages.

Anyway, this whole thread points at the need for a mailer requirements
document (MRRFC); there are enough details in that area that it would go way
beyond the scope of HRRFC.  Maybe John (;-) should convene a gang.


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