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Re: folklore etc.

1992-07-08 13:45:25
Dave -

     Not to beat a dead horse, but if you discard *all* notion in RFC-822 that
dot is any way a special character, you end up with an even simpler grammar
than RFC-822.  What's more, you delete a lot of the special rules indicated by
notes but not in the grammar.

     For example, you end up with the following simplification:
        local-part      =       word
        domain          =       atom / domain-literal
I know that many implementations do exactly this, in order to deal with the
garbage passing as RFC-822 floating around on the net.

     As for your `hobby horse', it sounds like a good idea to me.  I can't
think of any particular reason why comma is in tspecials either, except due to
the same thoughtlessness that inserted dot (on this, I must plead guilty).  I
see three paths that can be taken:
        1) leave it alone.
        2) remove comma from tspecials along with period.
        3) leave comma in tspecials, but change the grammar as follows:
                parameter := attribute "=" value-list
                value-list =: value ["," value-list]

     Personally, I think that #3 is the cleanest, since it defines a specific
syntax for multiple values, as distinct from a value which happens to contain
an embedded comma.

-- Mark --

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