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Re: Minutes of the RFC 822extensions WG in Columbus

1993-04-08 08:17:01

Sorry I couldn't make to to IETF in Columbus...

From:  Greg Vaudreuil <gvaudre(_at_)cnri(_dot_)reston(_dot_)va(_dot_)us>
To:  ietf-822(_at_)dimacs(_dot_)rutgers(_dot_)edu

Minutes of the RFC 822 Message Extensions Working Group


Representation of Filenames in Message/External-body.

The inclusion of filenames in the content-type headers has the effect
of requiring that all filenames be 7 bit ASCII.  The Working Group
discussed the likelihood that new operating systems will require a
richer character set for filenames and possiblity that when this
occurs the current filename mechanism may not be adequate.  ...

"Likelihood"?  "Possibility"?  "When this occurs"?

The Macintosh OS uses an 8 bit charactrer set for file names and
disallows only the character colon (":").  I can even have embedded
nulls or other weirdness in file names on my Macintosh.

NT uses full 16 bit UNICODE for filenames, in case no one has noticed.

I am sure there are MANY other examples.