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Re: Minutes of the RFC 822extensions WG in Columbus

1993-04-09 11:33:13

To reach closure, let me observe that the proposal I made for using
the encoded word to pass non-ascii filenames is one which does not
have to be implemented in this version of the MIME document.  If it is
truly backward compatable, then when and if the use of
richer-than-ascii characters begin to see widespread use, the access
types can be refined in a separate document.  Resolving the issue now
may only have the effect of delaying a solid, useful, extensible and
needed protocol.

Other than this possible future problem, are there any objections to 
the issues list as approved at the last Face-to-Face in Columbus?  

In the absense of any objections in the next week, I hope to get a new
document posted as an Intenet Draft and submit it to the IESG before the 
end of the month.

Greg Vaudreuil