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Re: 8-bit filenames and MIME

1993-04-14 10:59:30

Just to dip a last toe into hot water:

We're pretty clear now that using anything but ASCII with FTP requires
changes to the FTP protocol, no matter what people have running now.

The other discussion was with access-type=local-file.

As far as I remember, one reason for deferring this altogether was
when one of the persons present realized that:

When an NFS server using the "C" locale exports a disk to an NFS client
using the "EUC" (Japanese) locale, or vice versa, the problem of how to
interpret the filenames correctly is NOT SOLVED.
(Remember that NFS is a stateless protocol passing no environment

So, until at least *one* underlying technology catches up with the problem,
it seems safe to defer it.

                           Harald A