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Re: Comment on the draft MIME Part 1 document

1993-04-27 15:44:18
< Please make it clear that in no event are headers (either message headers
< or body part headers) allowed to contain anything other than ASCII
< characters. (It may already be clear from the surrounding context, in
< which case no change to the above text is needed.)
< My biggest concern about standardizing 8-bit message formats is that
< people will start to use non-ASCII characters in headers, and even in
< addresses, and that our ability to exchange mail with one another will
< suffer as a result.

I quite agree with this change to the document.

However, I can't help but ask, how do you stave off users who want to do
exactly that, though?

What if people want to use their names for logins, and their names happen to
use 8-bit characters?

I think the question really is, "how do we accomodate this?" It can't be,
"how do we prevent this?", as I don't think we can prevent it. Look at the
just-send-8 arguments. We couldn't prevent it, so we invented a way to
accomodate it. That is, ways were invented such that, if you wanted to do
it, there is now a specified way of doing it.

                                        Tony Hansen
                                att!pegasus!hansen, attmail!tony