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Re: Simple Network Paging Protocol

1993-09-01 08:36:48

A few comments on the protocol:

1> It seems overly complicated. If you only allow one MESS and one
   PAGE for each send, you shold collapse it into one verb, e.g.

        ->      PAGE 5551212 Your network is hosed
        <-      250 Page Sent
        ->      QUIT
        <-      221 Goodbye!

   I helped build a pager system with a very similar protocol. Don't
   needlessly multiply entities.

2> You should allow for multiple pager IDs per message.

3> Meaningful error responses should be numeric, with arbitrary
   ASCII strings appended for human-readability.

4> Some form of authentication should be provided.

That aside, I like your approach,and this is something that sure could
use standardization!

Is this really appropriate for ietf-822?


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