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Re[2]: Simple Network Paging Protocol

1993-09-02 06:40:14
 In <8884(_dot_)746939162(_at_)dbc(_dot_)mtview(_dot_)ca(_dot_)us> Marshall 
Rose <mrose(_at_)dbc(_dot_)mtview(_dot_)ca(_dot_)us> writes:

Ok, I'll ask the obvious question then.  Why can't you do this with SMTP?

Specifically, if you want to send a page:

1. Construct an e-mail message addressed to 
   e.g., you want to page +1-415-555-1234, address it to


2. Put the "text of the page" in the body of the message

3. Send it as a regular e-mail message and let the DNS route it using MXs.

  I'm not up on pager protocol, but having one myself from a small local
company -- how does one know for a given person/pager WHICH company handles
the paging for them? We might have 50 people in the company with pagers, and
every one might be subscribing through different companies. Is it even likely
that these companies will consider connecting to the Internet?
  SNPP proposes TCP-connecting to a paging service server somewhere -- how
does one know WHICH service handles the pager# you're trying to page?
  Perhaps the domain addressing proposed above would better handle that
problem, letting DNS point you to the server responsible for a given number.

                                   -Chris Bartram