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Re: Simple Network Paging Protocol

1993-09-01 20:07:29
Ok, I'll ask the obvious question then.  Why can't you do this with SMTP?

Specifically, if you want to send a page:

1. Construct an e-mail message addressed to 
   e.g., you want to page +1-415-555-1234, address it to


2. Put the "text of the page" in the body of the message

3. Send it as a regular e-mail message and let the DNS route it using MXs.

Right now, we do this for facsimile transmissions in the Internet.  If I
want to fax to +1-415-968-2510, I send to


The pager case is even simpler cause a pager is (usually) carried by one

So, how to make this work:

1. Get someone to apply for, and then manage in a fair-and-open manner,
   a high-level domain. 

2. Tell the pager providers that if they had an SMTP connectivity to the
   Internet, then they could get pages that way.