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Re: text/enriched

1993-09-01 16:00:14
The changes I consider substantive from a parsing viewpoint are the
<lt> to << change,   ...

        I particularly agree with this.   << introduces "special case"
logic that I think we could avoid.   It's a state machine;  keep it simple.

        I don't understand the meaning of <verbatim>.   If it is just a
way to turn off "reflow",  then fine ... great!   In fact,  it's reasonable
for enclosing indentions to affect such a  <verbatim>.   But if it is a way
to temporarily suspend interpretation,  YUK!   Another  "special case",
but with a  *really*  ugly  k-map.   Nastier than <<.

              - Chris

Rick Troth <troth(_at_)rice(_dot_)edu>, Rice University, Information Systems

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