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Re: text/enriched

1993-09-03 14:52:07
< I don't understand the meaning of <verbatim>.   If it is just a way to
< turn off "reflow",  then fine ... great!   In fact,  it's reasonable for
< enclosing indentions to affect such a  <verbatim>.   But if it is a way to
< temporarily suspend interpretation,  YUK!   Another  "special case", but
< with a  *really*  ugly  k-map.   Nastier than <<.

Aside from the ugliness of the syntax of how to turn it off, the
functionality of <verbatim> is absolutely necessary. In fact, I've
implemented some mail generating code that I don't see how to implement
easily without using <verbatim>.

Like I said before, the code to implement <verbatim> was all of ~25 lines in
the metamail richtext program.

No, <verbatim> should NOT be removed.

                                        Tony Hansen
                                att!pegasus!hansen, attmail!tony

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