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Re: text/enriched: Throwing in the towel

1993-09-03 05:46:18
Most of your comments make perfect sense and I'll incorporate them, thanks.

Excerpts from mail: 2-Sep-93 Re: text/enriched: Throwing.. John Gardiner Myers(_at_)cmu(_dot_) (897)

I don't follow why turning off filling necessarily changes the newline
model. The same avoid-transport-line-wrapping argument for the base
text/enriched newline model would appear to also apply to text inside

Eek! I presume you're referring to the clause "and hence without any special handling of CRLFs". I believe that was mindlesly copied from the old "verbatim" language. I've elminated it.

The minimal conformance section does not mention the special-case
beginning-of-line handling of <center>, <flushleft>, <flushright>, and
<excerpt>. The sample parser does not do this handling.

Well, I wasn't thinking of this as part of the necessary minimum. Should it be?

The sample parser appears to botch the following stream:

It seemed fine to me. Can you define "botch"? -- Nathaniel

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