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RE: Query on a nit: Application vs. Text conten-type

1993-10-26 01:37:17
- We have to worry about newline conversion.  Encoders and decoders need to
know whether line breaks should be mapped to CRLF and vice-versa.  Anyone
registering a text subtype should specify this.  (Anyone registering any
subtype should specify it, I think.)

As Steve knows from extended off-list conversation, I'm in complete agreement
with this.

- I know of one WP that stores its text largely as plain text, but in
random chunks of no particular size or order.  Is it worthwhile to call
this a text subtype?  If not, then we have a guideline about presenting
text in order.  :-)

This one is a real judgement call. Personally, I'd say "probably not", since
the bad effect of tossing garbage all over people's screens probably outweighs
the fact that there's some legible text in there. Email is not supposed to be a
treasure hunt.