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Re: Query on a nit: Application vs. Text conten-type

1993-10-29 14:01:35
I may be way out of line on this, but personally I don't like
the Application/.... bag at all.  Firstly, it doesn't mean
"application", it means "other".  And one should be wary of
any system which files most things under "other".
        I think you're right,  that it does mean "other". 
But I also see a subtle hint of  "text ---> handled internally" 
and  "application ---> handled externally".   Can we emphasize this? 
Is it even a reality or just my misperception?   (and image and audio 
are two other types handled (sort of) internally) 
All data has to be processed by some application.
It is was designed to be a derogatory "application-specific",
meaning "only one application", or "non-standard", or
"proprietory", or "non-rfc", then fair enough but nothing
common and well defined should go into it.


      Tim Berners-Lee
Rick Troth <troth(_at_)rice(_dot_)edu>, Rice University, Information Systems