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Re: Query on a nit: Application vs. Text conten-type

1993-10-30 10:52:53
If MIME puts HTML under
"application" but "enriched" under "text", then the initial
part of the type has become meaningless.

    Tim Berners-Lee

We went through all this on the MIME list almost two years ago.  The
        Doncha just hate how these things come back?   ;-) 
conclusion was that the initial part of the type is indeed meaningless. 
The only interesting thing to do with MIME types is to treat each
<primary-type>/<secondary-type> pair as a single specific type.
        I don't do that.   I have one MUA which isn't capable 
(for reasons beyond MIME)  of processing things in parallel. 
It treats *everything* of type  "MULTIPART/"  the same. 
I for one would appreciate it if we could retain some sense in the 
grouping of secondary types under appropriate primary types. 
Rick Troth <troth(_at_)rice(_dot_)edu>, Rice University, Information Systems