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Re: Broken MIME implementation

1994-07-11 08:46:18
I just received the following MIMEgram, which contains invalid syntax
according to RFC-1521.

Although spaces are permitted in the MIME boundary delimiter, space is not a
valid token character.  Consequently the value to the Boundary parameter must
be a quoted string, that is:
      Content-Type: Multipart/Mixed; Boundary="-- message ----"
and not
      Content-Type: Multipart/Mixed; Boundary=-- message ----
My MIME parser does NOT swallow this message.

It appears to be generated by a product called ``Lotus Notes Mail Gateway for
SMTP''.  If this is a released product, it is quite alarming that it is
sending incorrect MIME.  At the very least, nobody should buy this product
with the expectation that it supports MIME.

Well, this is a new one I hadn't noticed -- either because my parser is lenient
on this matter or else we haven't gotten as far as anyone trying multipart MIME
with this thing!

You should be aware that this gateway has lots of other problems besides this.
It has problems with basic encodings like 7bit and 8bit -- it doesn't recognize
them at all and does something screwy when it receives them. It also has
trouble with parameter quoting, although I don't know the specifics. And so on.

I'm more than a little unimpressed, especially when customers start complaining
about the illegal 7bit MIME encoding we're producing...


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