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Re: Broken MIME implementation

1994-07-11 15:25:51
At 6:52 AM 7/11/94, William Chung wrote:
view as UltiMail problems, not Lotus 8-(.  Unfortunately, Lotus steadfastly
claims publically that their Notes SMTP gateway fully supports MIME despite
glaring evidence to the contrary.  None of my calls to our Lotus liasion are
returned without me kicking and screaming.

Well, perhaps you are an unreasonable and terrible person.  Perhaps I am,
too.  Perhaps Ned is.

But I suspect that a summary of deficiencies, formulated by the members of
this list AS A GROUP, submitted politely and formally to Lotus, might get
their serious attention.  Since this is a public list, one might even
suspect that members of the press would have access to the summary?


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