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Re: Broken MIME implementation

1994-07-11 18:04:58
Yes, a list of deficiencies is exactly what Lotus is asking for.
I am indeed enlisting the members of this group to help build
the list to insure it will reflect group consensus and not my
unreasonable, terrible, biased opinion only 8-).  I'm just hoping
my Lotus contact will take the list seriously!

Let's see. The list as I see it currently stands at:

(1) Failure to recognize the standard MIME encodings, esp. 7bit.
(2) Generation and use of illegal boundary marker strings.
(3) Possible use of unsafe boundary marker strings that could easily appear
    in a message.
(4) Failure to properly quote parameter values that do require quoting.

The problem with adding to this list is that these problems are so severe that
they virtually preclude doing additional testing. In other words, who would
bother to check whether or not they do a base64-encoded attachment right when
they don't mark it properly in stuff they send and they also fall over on the
leading text attachment when you send them one you have produced?


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