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Re: Broken MIME implementation

1994-07-11 08:53:44
The "Lotus Notes Mail Gateway for SMTP" product does indeed have
_seriously_ broken MIME support.  This product doesn't even support
something like "Content-transport-encoding: 7bit"!

Yep. This is the one I ran into right off.

I'm motivated to get this product fixed because it's causing big
interoperability problems with our MIME UA UltiMail which our customers
view as UltiMail problems, not Lotus 8-(. Unfortunately, Lotus steadfastly
claims publically that their Notes SMTP gateway fully supports MIME despite
glaring evidence to the contrary.

Exactly. Citing chapter and verse from the RFCs does not help since it seems
that Lotus is blandly assuring everyone that their stuff is fine and hence it
must be a problem at the other end. I've been compelled to read the text of
RFC1521 over the phone twice now to settle this sort of thing.

None of my calls to our Lotus liasion are
returned without me kicking and screaming.  I'm going to keep pursuing this
through our internal Lotus contacts.  Hopefully, the right person at Lotus
will decide to return my calls and we'll get the gateway fixed.  In the
meantime, treat this gateway warily!

I have not tried contacting Lotus directly -- our customers are the ones with
this product, not us. However, we do work with Lotus on other matters. As such,
please let me know if there's anything I can do to help.


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