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Re: Ambiguity on 8859-* and bi-directionality

1994-07-13 05:34:26
Excerpts from info-mime: 13-Jul-94 Re: Ambiguity on 8859-* and.. Keld
J|rn Simonsen(_at_)dkuug (1185*) 

It is correct that ISO 9959-1 can be coded in 7-bit only, 
with G0/G1 bannouncing, and this was never intended in MIME, 
with the  charset=iso-8859-1 specification. The intention 
was to refer to the charset RFC, where iso-8859-1 and the other 
8859-series charset names are defined. making a reference to 
RFC1345 for the charset definitons would clear up this problem. 

Sigh.  I thik this also gets us into standards-track problems, because
RFC 1345 is not a full standard and the next MIME doc is supposed to be,
and my understanding is that the reference cannot be made in that

Keld, can you suggest a simple standalone paragraph that we could add to
the MIME spec to make this crystal clear without introducing an actual
formal dependency on RFC 1345?  -- Nathaniel