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Re: Ambiguity on 8859-* and bi-directionality

1994-07-21 05:10:03
Yes, but that is not in contradiction.
We have decided in the working group on the charsets standardized
for MIME, that is the ISO 8859-* series, and then we said (at least the
wg meeting in Santa Fe, as far as I remember) that we would refer to the
IANA registered charsets with these registered values (the iso-8859-*
names) as coming from rfc1345.

The problem is that the bi-directionality issues are not covered.

Just as mixed 7 bit (with SI/SO) and 8 bit 8859 causes interoperability
confusion between users of 8859-1, mixed bi-directionaly mode causes
confusion between users of bidirectional text.

                                                        Masataka Ohta