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Re: Ambiguity on 8859-* and bi-directionality

1994-07-13 09:01:08
At 7:32 AM 7/13/94, Jim Conklin wrote:
At  6:31 AM 7/13/94 -0400, Nathaniel Borenstein wrote:
I really don't think that MIME has to be more specific about the
interpretation of the right-to-left languages than the ISO character set
specifications.  I think we could get away with saying that the
directionality issue is addressed by a separate RFC, but I don't think
we can cite it by number without having it go through the standards

 I think that it would be a real disaster if MIME standardization were
held up by this issue, and I strongly oppose changes which will further
delay MIME standardization.

Essentially MIME specifies an object framework for email.  We've defined
some basic classes, but I think that is as far as we should go.

Mechanisms for defining and creating other derived classes exist, should a
consensus form about the need for them.  In the meantime, UA designers
should be free to experiment.

john noerenberg
noerenberg.j (Applelink)
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