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Re: Will the real uuencode please stand up?

1994-12-19 18:51:11

hansen(_at_)pegasus(_dot_)att(_dot_)com writes:

For those of you who try and handle a CTE of uuencode or x-uuencode: What do
you do with the extra information that uuencode has in its header? Do you
just ignore it? Or do you blindly pass the content body to the uudecode
program? And when you generate it, what do you put in the uuencode header?

My software just ignores the extra information in the uuencode header.
It uudecodes a stream, just like un-q-p or un-base64'ing something.
It uses any mode or file name information on the Content-Type or
Content-Disposition lines, with reasonable defaults based on MIME type.

It doesn't use "uudecode" at all.

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