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Re[2]: Will the real uuencode please stand up?

1994-12-19 16:15:12
At 1:36 AM 12/20/94, Tim Kehres wrote:

    At the risk of bringing up an old argument, based upon what we now
    know of the real world demand for this type of compatibility, does it
    make sense to re-address some of these issues?  Perhaps it might make
    sense to optionally support UUENCODE within MIME, and then all of us
    that have to support this, can at least come to agreement on a common
    way to label things.

The problem with supporting uuencode within MIME is there is no set
standard for uunencode.  Before we could even think about this for MIME,
we'd have to get get agreement on uuencode's definitions.

I suppose one possibility is to enumerate all the definitions of uuencode
we can find -- not that I find that particularly appetizing.

john noerenberg
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