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Re: Re[2]: Will the real uuencode please stand up?

1994-12-23 12:59:35
Don't blame me!  I'm just following the crowd!  Because CTE: x-uuencode
has wide support, I will also support it.  I don't have to like it.

        I probably *can* support it,  but will not.   This doesn't mean
that you cannot.   I just don't want to see it in a MIME specification.
So to all other implementors,  please just don't SAY anything about it.

      ...           one has to put up with a little ugliness sometimes
to keep those dang users happy.  For better or worse, the CTE solution was
chosen by some implementors and has become entrenched.  I'm not trying to
defend their decision, merely living with it.

        Keeping the users happy:  true.

        Entrenched:  yip.   Time to get out the back-hoe.   ;-)


Rhys Weatherley, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia.
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