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Re[3]: Will the real uuencode please stand up?

1994-12-26 07:21:56
As more of the other gateways and mail systems out there adopt MIME, we'll 
see less and less need for uuencode; in fact we're seeing alot less since 
Lotus and some other big PC packages added MIME support to their gateways. 
Before that, our customers with cc:Mail weren't going to purchase a mail 
system that wouldn't exchange binary files with cc:Mail. It was support 
uuencode - or no sale.
     Actually, Lotus still does not support MIME within their cc:Mail 
     gateway.  Our company is one third part gateway supplier that does 
     however, and the message that we've been hearing loud and clear from 
     our customer base is to support uuencode - or no sale.  Now, I 
     personally agree with many of the other posts regarding how much we 
     all like and love dealing with uuencode, however it is here with us, 
     will continue to be for some time, so we can either figure out a way 
     to deal with this ugly beast in hopefully some compatible way, or 
     continue to have interoperability problems.
     Best Regards,
     Tim Kehres
     International Messaging Associates Ltd