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Re: MIME boundary question

1995-02-09 11:42:25
multipart/mixed; boundary="outer"

multipart/mixed; boundary="outer-inner"


I have a vendor claiming that this is illegal because the "outer" appears
in the boundary "outer-inner", and thus violates the need for the
boundaries to be unique.  Their claim is in fact that "outer" must appear
NOWHERE in the body--not merely that "--outer<CRLF>" must not appear in the

I think this is absolutely preposterous.  I think that the uniqueness
requirement means that the string "--outer<CRLF>" must not appear as body
contents ...

I agree that it's preposterous, but have one small correction: as I interpret
it, there are two strings which must not appear as body contents:


The RFC speaks explicitly about the preceding CRLF being conceptually attached
to the boundary string, but merely states that the boundary string "must be
followed by another CRLF".


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