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1998-10-19 14:54:56
At 1:44 PM -0700 10/18/98, Ashley Yakeley wrote:


draft-newman-mime-textpara defines a MIME type 'text/paragraph' which
can be used over suitable CTEs just like text/plain.


...and I think it was premature for Chris Newman to withdraw it.

As for draft-gellens-format, I believe its attempts to handle >-quoted
text compromise it, mainly because of the various ways people quote
text. I think if we go that route, we should specify a complete markup
language of *bold*, _italic_, - bullets, etc., with strict semantics
for what any given sequence of octets means.

But if >-quote handling were stripped out, draft-gellens-format might
work for general email:


Running code is a good way to test theory. The text/paragraph form turned out not to interoperate, while format=flowed does. I'm working on a revised draft now, based on some operational experience.

I think a canonical quote form makes sense. Note that the UI can choose to display quoted text in any way it chooses (for example, excerpt bars or colors). I don't want to add any extra markup to format=flowed, because it adds complexity for little gain.

If you have specific suggestions for the draft, I'd be interested in hearing them.

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