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1998-10-22 20:54:54
At 1998-10-22 19:55, Keith Moore wrote:

But I'm right, aren't I? Text/paragraph fails to be handled correctly by 
many existing UAs which don't like unrecognised text/*, but it's still 
useful for many applications. I think there's room in the world for it no 
matter what solutions anyone comes up with for mail and news.

Perhaps.  But the people who designed text/paragraph were trying to
solve the mail/news problem.  So to them it's a failure.  

Well this may explain the withdrawal, but I'd like to suggest 
re-submitting it in some form... or perhaps there's some way it can be 
registered without being an RFC, perhaps as 'text/vnd.paragraph'.

else might find it useful in another environment (say the way), 
but I doubt it, because HTML is more functional and already widely 

Text/paragraph as such is already very widely used, and very useful, but 
by necessity it can only be inaccurately labelled 'text/plain' by systems 
using MIME to type data, such as Java's data-transfer mechanism and some 

HTML may be more functional, but obviously it's rather unwieldy for many 
applications which need nothing more than plain text.

Ashley Yakeley, Seattle WA

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