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1998-10-25 12:32:14
On Sat, 24 Oct 1998, Ashley Yakeley wrote:
This seems to be the way things are heading. I personally would like to 
see MIME content-type headers used by file-systems, a system superior for 
various reasons to the 'magic number', filename-extension and MacOS 
4-byte code systems.

As long as we have untyped protocols like FTP, magic numbers will remain
useful.  For a good discussion on the design and use of magic numbers, see
RFC 2083.

I'm somewhat depressed by what a half-assed job some systems do when
mapping from MIME types to OS-specific types.  If I send a word document
with a filename "foo.xls" and label it application/msword, then anything
which doesn't treat it as a word document at the other end is inherently

                - Chris

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