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1998-10-25 14:04:45
As long as we have untyped protocols like FTP, 
magic numbers will remain useful.   ... 
        Good point. 
I'm somewhat depressed by what a half-assed job some systems do 
when mapping from MIME types to OS-specific types. 
        Mee too.   Futhermore,  I really believe there are TWO 
levels of "typing" that should be done,  one at the encoding and/or 
transport level  (and in MIME,  this is exclusively an encoding 
operation and transport should be left alone)  the other at the 
application level.   The former is decidedly a  "canonicalization" 
thing.   The latter should be more closely tied to Content-Type 
than it is in practice. 
        In other words,  we're using CT for more than we should. 
                                             If I send a word document
with a filename "foo.xls" and label it application/msword, then anything
which doesn't treat it as a word document at the other end is inherently
              - Chris
Rick Troth at La Casita, Houston, Texas, USA 

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