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Re: Text

1998-10-24 22:48:29
    Owing to the behaviour of existing mail user agents, which 
    frequently treat even unrecognised subtypes of text as 
    attachments, text/paragraph SHOULD NOT be used as a main body 
    part in news or e-mail messages without prior indications of 
    suitability from the recipients.

...the idea being that at some point people may wish to include an 
indication of the MIME-capability of their mail UA along with their 
e-mail address and PGP public key...

Which is what the MAILCAP working group is working on.  And also
see draft-ietf-fax-reporting-extensions-03.txt which has hit WG
last call.  Not the best solution, pehaps, but easier to deploy
without directories.

-Dan Wing

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