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Re: False threads

1999-07-14 10:12:17
At 22.33 +0200 99-07-13, Dan Wing wrote:
  "An MUA SHOULD NOT generate a Reply-To/References header to a message
   if the sender has modified the subject of the message."

Good idea, but could be modified to:

"An MUA SHOULD NOT generate an In-Reply-To/References header to a message,
when the sender has modified the subject, without asking the sender
if this does belong to the same thread."

I am thinking of another idea, that you in such cases might generate
"In-Reply-To" but not "References"? With the new definition of "References"
in the drums msg-fmt document, "In-Reply-To" really has become almost
superfluous. This might be one reasonable way to use it.
Jacob Palme <jpalme(_at_)dsv(_dot_)su(_dot_)se> (Stockholm University and KTH)
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