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Re: making mail traceable

2004-01-19 15:41:55

On Monday, January 19, 2004, at 03:03  PM, Keith Moore wrote:

I'm interested in solving a problem, not in trying to make the US government look good. Now if it turns out that, by some accident or divine intervention, CANSPAM really does turn out to be useful, that's fine with me. But it doesn't seem wise to depend on it working.

If you believe that CANSPAM might be merely "useless" then I think you are a wild-eyed optimist. This isn't primarily about doing good -- although that would be nice -- it's about mitigating damage. You're in for a rude awakening when the government starts regulating the contents of your file.

I think some of us who understand the complexities should try to play a constructive role by solving the problem as best as we can - but that doesn't include taking direction from a technically inept, parochial legislative body, that is easily swayed by direct marketing proponents into acting contrary to the public interest.

I'm not advocating your taking direction from anyone, Keith. I'm proposing that we put our heads together and give them the best *advice* we can collectively come up with on *how* to do some things they are determined to do one way or another.

I believe the least harmful way of doing this is to provide traceability in such a way that government intervention isn't needed to solve most of the spam problem.

Sounds perfect. Unfortunately the train has left the station -- the government *is* intervening, and we'd better be prepared to suggest a strategy for them, or they'll do something unnecessarily stupid, I promise. While we discuss these issues, the Beltway traffic is snarled by software vendors pitching spam "solutions" to the feds. I'm sure some of them are much worse than others; it would help if the ietf could provide a guiding vision. (But then again, I'm not sure I know why I would expect the ietf-822 list to succeed where the ASRG has failed, alas.) -- Nathaniel

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