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Re: 2 MIME questions re: message/rfc822

2004-11-04 21:42:48

This may seem like splitting hairs, because I agree that the sender caused the initial problem, but are you saying that because the message/rfc822 object was incorrectly formatted (because of the inclusion of the From line), the downstream software was justified in throwing that offending line away? I'm skeptical because it doesn't actually make anything better, and it seems to me that "correcting" the contents is far more likely to cause harm than good. -- Nathaniel

yeah, maybe I misunderstood, but my take was that the problem was caused by the some intermediary which did not treat the message/rfc822 body part as an opaque object. that seems like a bug regardless of whether the From_ line is there. though I suppose if it went through an 8bit to 7bit conversion the intermediary would be expected to convert any internal message/rfc822 body parts to 7bit also, and such a conversion might be confused by a From_ line.