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Re: 2 MIME questions re: message/rfc822

2004-11-05 05:25:59

yeah, maybe I misunderstood, but my take was that the problem was caused by the some intermediary which did not treat the message/rfc822 body part as an opaque object.

If the body part were meant to be treated as an opaque object, it should have been labelled application/octet-stream.

no. you shouldn't be expected to hide useful information for the recipient just so that the mail system will be transparent.

IMO, there are many good reasons for a mailing list processor to look closely at the mime parts it receives. For example, it should try to not retransmit bounces, virii, etc. Looking very closely at message/rfc822 parts is a defensible choice.

there are plenty of reasons for looking at a message to decide whether to bounce or filter it. there are far fewer valid reasons for altering a message.