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Re: 2 MIME questions re: message/rfc822

2004-11-05 04:44:20

Valdis Klētnieks writes:
1) I am presuming that the mailing list is at fault for unwrapping the Received: line? (or more correctly, "the piece of software that did the unwrapping should be fixed")?

This issue is very troublesome, to me at least.

The RFC seems clear: signatures apply to the message as transmitted over the wire and changing bytes in a signed part of a message is a no-no.

But I'm unhappy about that RFC. For example: If a mailing list processor is coupled with an MTA that accepts long lines, the list processor can be left with the task of transmitting a 5000-character line to all list subscribers. I've run into quite a few other similar problems.

2) Am I at fault for including the mbox-style 'From ' line, or is the mailing list (or whoever did it) at fault for removing it?

Those are two questions. The first is clear: Anything a sending program labels as message/rfc822 should have RFC[2]822 syntax, not berkeley mbox syntax. The second is IMO arguable and less important.