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Re: 2 MIME questions re: message/rfc822

2004-11-05 06:37:40

The RFC seems clear: signatures apply to the message as transmitted over the wire and changing bytes in a signed part of a message is a no-no.

But I'm unhappy about that RFC. For example: If a mailing list processor is coupled with an MTA that accepts long lines, the list processor can be left with the task of transmitting a 5000-character line to all list subscribers.

As long as the mailing list processor doesn't alter long lines, I don't think that's such a problem. The recipients that had a problem receiving or reading the message from the list would also have the same problem reading that message if it were sent directly to them. It's not the list's job to "improve" the message.

2) Am I at fault for including the mbox-style 'From ' line, or is the mailing list (or whoever did it) at fault for removing it?

Those are two questions. The first is clear: Anything a sending program labels as message/rfc822 should have RFC[2]822 syntax, not berkeley mbox syntax. The second is IMO arguable and less important.

Intermediaries should try to be as transparent as possible. But because of 8-to-7 conversion if nothing else, message/rfc822 and multiparts are special. If you send messages with either of these content-types and the content is malformed, you're going to get some glitches.