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Re: New I-D: draft-koch-subject-tags-considered-00.txt

2004-11-19 12:04:13

On Fri November 19 2004 12:28, Keith Moore wrote:
Here is a Sieve language snippet for
identifying an ietf-822 list message:

if anyof (address :contains ["From", "Sender", "Return-Path", "To",
"CC", "Bcc"] "ietf-822", header :contains ["List-Post", "List-ID"]
"ietf-822") {
        fileinto "INBOX.IETF-822";

arrgh.  if this is sufficient for your purposes, great - but it's not a
good idea in general to recommend using header fields for this purpose. 

It's sufficient for me.  It handles messages sent to me from the
list expander, copies of messages sent to the list, periodic subscription
notices regarding the list, etc.

it will not do the right thing with forwarded or resent messages or 
messages sent to multiple lists to which you are subscribed.

That depends on one's definition of "the right thing".
you really want to file things based on envelope information, like MAIL
FROM or (with subaddresses) RCPT TO.

By the time the particular sieve implementation gets ahold of a
message, sender envelope information has already been placed
in a Return-Path field and envelope recipient information is
constant (and irrelevant).  Sieve can (in general) use
envelope information (as described in RFC 3028); it's simply
not useful in the particular case from which the example was