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Re: New I-D: draft-koch-subject-tags-considered-00.txt

2004-11-19 13:31:21

if anyof (address :contains ["From", "Sender", "Return-Path", "To",
"CC", "Bcc"] "ietf-822", header :contains ["List-Post", "List-ID"]
"ietf-822") {
        fileinto "INBOX.IETF-822";
it will not do the right thing with forwarded or resent messages or 
messages sent to multiple lists to which you are subscribed.

That depends on one's definition of "the right thing".

true.  but I suspect it doesn't even fit _your_ definition of the right 

for instance, if the same message is sent to both ietf-822 and ietf-smtp,
do you really want them both filed into the same mailbox?