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Re: ABNF to Draft -- pending issues

2005-03-07 18:01:23


  I used my ABNF extractor on RFCs 3000-3999, resulting
in 128 ABNF documents.  I parsed them with both your parser (from and mine.  Your parser
presumably implements the rules you think should exist; mine implements
exactly RFC2234 (modulo bugs; none currently known).

  Of these 128 documents, mine failed none that yours didn't also fail;
yours failed 14 that mine passed; mostly because yours appears to only
accept at most two characters in %x00.00.00.00 style string and because
you only accept uppercase hex digits in %x constructs.

  I'll also note that your parser doesn't permit either blank lines
or multi-line prose-vals;

forbin% cat blankline
a = b

forbin% ./parser blankline
Rule: a = b
Not OK
Syntax error: c<*>

forbin% cat proseval 
proseval = <This is a multi-line prose-val,
            which rfc2234 does not permit.>

forbin% ./parser proseval 
Not OK
Syntax error: proseval = <This is a multi-line prose-val,

so I'm not sure what implementation it is you're pointing to that
implements the thing that's not 2234.


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