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Re: ABNF to Draft -- pending issues

2005-03-07 20:34:42

On Mon March 7 2005 20:00, Bill Fenner wrote:
appears to only
accept at most two characters in %x00.00.00.00 style string and because
you only accept uppercase hex digits in %x constructs.

I believe that implementation also fails to recognize %D, %X, and %B.
[i.e. upper-case letters introducing decimal, hexadecimal, and binary
character literals]

  I'll also note that your parser doesn't permit either blank lines
or multi-line prose-vals;

forbin% cat blankline
a = b


If the "blank" line contains whitespace, then it is an RFC 2234
continuation line:

        c-wsp          =  WSP / (c-nl WSP)

N.B. the WSP after c-nl.  If the "blank" line does not contain WSP,
then it terminates the rule, and indeed the line beginning " c" is
a syntax error:

        rule           =  rulename defined-as elements c-nl
                               ; continues if next line starts
                               ;  with white space

        c-nl           =  comment / CRLF
                               ; comment or newline

        comment        =  ";" *(WSP / VCHAR) CRLF

[ignoring the bogus CR requirement].

forbin% ./parser blankline
Rule: a = b
Not OK
Syntax error: c<*>

forbin% cat proseval 
proseval = <This is a multi-line prose-val,
            which rfc2234 does not permit.>

forbin% ./parser proseval 
Not OK
Syntax error: proseval = <This is a multi-line prose-val,

Note that there is (or was) a published erratum which would make
that legal.  As discussed on the rfc-interest mailing list [
consensus appeared to be that that erratum is itself an error].

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