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RE: ABNF to Draft -- pending issues

2005-03-08 09:21:22

Whether the bugs and editorial issue are addressed before submission
as an I-D, after I-D announcement but prior to first Last Call, or
after Last Call (and probably requiring a New Last Call) is, of
course, your choice.

There will be no new last call on this I-D because it is a nothing more than
a modification of RFC 2234 required as a result of IESG review to advance
2234 to draft status.  In other words, the last call to advance 2234 has
already happened and this situation is similar to modifying an I-D to
address IESG review comments.  However, because this is a new I-D I do have
to create a new IESG review ballot for it.  That will happen after the I-D
is posted.


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