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Re: Handling of NO-WS-CTL in 2822bis

2007-12-04 17:02:37

Pete Resnick wrote:

- Remove NO-WS-CTL from ctext, qtext, utext, and dtext. 
  (That makes utext simply VCHAR.)

A kind of early "seasonal" gift, utext is simply VCHAR.

No more Escape-sequence-tricks in subjects, half of the
security considerations can go to the obs-section (yes,
I know, there were no security considerations about it)

- Create obs-ctext, obs-qtext, and obs-dtext which
  contain NO-WS-CTL. 

<obs-dtext> didn't exist in practice, IMO you can skip
this step.

(Question: Should they contain NUL as well?)

Not as part of the NO-WS-CTL cleanup, NUL was already
an obs-cenity in a few places, not a NO-WS-CTL.  It's
in obs-qp (=> no new effect for 2822upd), obs-char,
(indirectly) in obs-text, and therefore (indirectly)
also in the existing <obs-utext>.  

Keep NUL where it is if the "interoperabilty report"
shows that NUL is widely implemented and understood.
(But my old Netscape 3.x froze when it found a NUL)

Do we think this will recycle at Proposed?

Obsoleting cruft is allowed.  I'm looking forward to
a justification why NUL is kept as an obs-cenity, it 
ought to be "appeal-repelling" or something.