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Re: Handling of NO-WS-CTL in 2822bis

2007-12-05 09:31:04

On Tue, 4 Dec 2007, Pete Resnick wrote:
Let me explain what is involved in doing this. If people are OK with this, I'll go ahead. To remove NO-WS-CTL, we need to:

- Remove NO-WS-CTL from ctext, qtext, utext, and dtext. (That makes utext simply VCHAR.) - Create obs-ctext, obs-qtext, and obs-dtext which contain NO-WS-CTL. (Question: Should they contain NUL as well?)
- Add NO-WS-CTL to obs-utext.
- Change quoted-pair to use "WS / VCHAR" instead of "text".
- Change section 2.2 to say that header fields only contain VCHARs.
- Change much of the text in the beginning of section 4 to add talk of NO-WS-CTL.

The above looks correct and minimal to me.

Is everyone sure they want to do this? Do we think this will recycle at Proposed? It is effectively removing what we think is an unused feature from the document in anticipation of Draft, but it is a significant textual change.

Yes and yes.

Philip Guenther