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Re: Expires: vs. Supersedes:

2008-07-24 12:06:57

Keith Moore wrote:

there's a practical problem with gatewaying mail with
an expired header to netnews.

Gateway operators will manage.  Syntax and semantics are
almost identical.  Mail2news (or v.v.) is typically used
for mailing list to newsgroup (or v.v.), and that limits
meaningful Expires: uses on both sides to "compatible".
not that I care a huge amount.  AFAICS netnews is dead.

Last time I checked it it was still alive and kicking, at
least the de.* part.  NANA* also still existed, but not
more what it used to be.  I read all mailing lists (incl.
this list) on a stand alone (= unrelated to Usenet) NNTP


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