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Re: MTA Filters BOF request, LA IETF; Proposed Charter

1998-01-13 11:45:37
--On Tue, Jan 13, 1998 12:49 +0100 "Tomas Fasth" 

These are the only alternatives that, IMO, can lead to an eventual IETF
standard on the issue of MTA filtering. SIEVE can of course be part of
that efford as the descriptive language of filtering rules, but it will
not do by itself.

Not to punt on the excellent points Tomas brings up, which I mostly heartily
agree upon with respect to the issues we will need to tackle in future
years, but his conclusion (above) is my basic point. This is a tiny, first
step, one which doesn't offer a panacaea for many tricky issues, but does
suggest great utility in its limited sphere. 

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