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Re: managesieve + include

2003-10-19 12:37:49

Hi Marc,

--On Sunday, October 19, 2003 18:53 +0200 Marc Mutz <mutz(_at_)kde(_dot_)org> 

| Now that managesieve is being moved forward, we should consider it's
| relation to draft-daboo-sieve-include.

(A new version of include has just been sent to the draft repository)

| I've got a few points that I think have to be added to the managesieve
| draft or would suffice to do in an extension of the protocol.
| 1. The managesieve draft needs to mention that it acts on the local
| script storage, not on the global one.

Actually it might be nice to allow access to the global script space. That could be done by adopting the new syntax used in include, e.g.:

a PUTSCRIPT :global "aGlobalScript" {31+}


There could be a new "INCLUDE" capability for ManageSIEVE to do that. Whether that is part of the ManageSIEVE draft or the include draft or a separate document is open for debate.

| 2. It needs to be clarified that the active script is the "start script"
| and that included (local) scripts need not (and cannot) be set active
| to be executed.

Why would you prevent a script that can be used as an include from being made active? For example, I would like to 'wrap' my default script inside of a 'vacation' script. So most of the time the default script is active, but sometimes I will make the vacation one active.

| 3. Either the managesieve or the include spec need to clarify that
| scripts that other scripts depend on (e.g. "includees") may not be
| removed from the script store (return NO) and that includees have to be
| uploaded before their includers.

That kind of dependency is going to be a pain.

| 4. There needs to be a managesieve protocol extension to report more
| precise errors (machine-readable) for PUTSCRIPT: E.g. parse, syntax,
| site policy, and dependency errors, together with line and optionally
| column number. Actually, I think this should go into managesieve
| proper.

With includes it may actually be useful to have a 'CHECKSCRIPT' command that verifies a script and produces verbose error comments. That would be useful when constructing a set of scripts with includes dependencies.

| 5. A method (read: managesieve extension) to specify more than one
| active script and the order in which those are to be processed would
| also be nice, although personally, I'd be fine with using driver
| scripts (which, however, requires the include extension).

That would be just the same as having one top level script that includes all the 'active' scripts in the order you want - I don't see why ManageSIEVE should allow that directly if include is supported in SIEVE itself.

Cyrus Daboo

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