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Re: managesieve + include

2003-10-20 07:27:19

Marc Mutz wrote:

Hi Cyrus,

On Sunday 19 October 2003 21:37, Cyrus Daboo wrote:

| 1. The managesieve draft needs to mention that it acts on the local
| script storage, not on the global one.

Actually it might be nice to allow access to the global script space.
That could be done by adopting the new syntax used in include, e.g.:

a PUTSCRIPT :global "aGlobalScript" {31+}


There could be a new "INCLUDE" capability for ManageSIEVE to do that.
Whether that is part of the ManageSIEVE draft or the include draft or
a separate document is open for debate.

I don't think it's good to allow any user to access the global script space. List it, yes, so the Sieve editor can present the global scripts in the GUI to choose from, but adding new ones should be left to the admin or another role. So if the person filling the role of global script manager needs to access the global script store, then she can just as well log in as that role.

IMO this is an authorization issue which should not be enforced by MANAGESIEVE.

I agree with Cyrus that MANAGESIEVE should provide a facility to access the global script space. Who has access to this space is a site policy decision which would most likely be tied to the authid/authzid.

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